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Artist or Athlete? You don't have to choose.

Carter Noseworthy joined an elite group of young athletes on an 8 week adventure competing in each others sports on a popular kids television show called 'All Around Champion'. Having always had a passion for creating art, this Canadian young artist and athlete has been applying himself in both athletics and arts for years!

Leading up to his time on the show, Carter spent years perfecting his skills in his primary sport of gymnastics. The sport of gymnastics is his strongest passion, rivaling his other passion to one day become an architect. His current love for sketching famous landmarks has contributed to that goal. Like many of the young artists who entered NextGen Artists Awards last year, Carter spent the early days of the pandemic pursuing art. That is when he developed a love for water colour.

Young artists are often talented in multiple areas from arts to sports. Choosing where to place their energy may be a tough decision to make for many like Carter who feel strongly about both athletics and arts.

Being a contestant on All Around Champion is an incredible opportunity for any kid.

Carter noted that "The experience pushed me to try new things, even if the outcome was not winning. I had a lot of fun with it. Now, I’m more comfortable trying new sports and activities, and have the confidence to sketch and paint artwork, that before, I might have feared trying. "

Carters schedule is very busy. He lives a hectic lifestyle pursuing both his passion for sports like gymnastics, training 16 hours a week. He also finds time for competitive climbing 4-6 hours a week, and acrobatics 4 hours a week. He uses creating art as a tool to stay calm through the busy schedule.

Exploring all your options at a young age is a great way for kids like Carter to discover their goals. Long term and short term. Maybe one day soon we'll be seeing Carters unique art for sale.

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