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                                                               TERMS AND CONDITIONS


All participants and users of this must-read the terms and conditions before entering the competition.

  1. Competition submissions must be submitted between this time frame for consideration

  2. The organization reserves the right to alter or adjust this submission period with consideration towards outstanding circumstances

  3. Collective works require the consent from all artists involved before submitting

  4. Applicants may only enter artwork that they own or that they have created themselves

  5. All applicants must complete an entry form to enter the competition

  6. Applicants are allowed as many works as they wish. The entry fee is US$40 per artwork. 

  7. The organization is not responsible for any bank charges, currency conversion or charges incurred when submitting the entry fee for the application

  8. Prizes are paid out in Canadian dollars.  

  9. Successful applicants will be responsible for properly packaging and mailing their artwork to our Toronto offices in anticipation of our gallery showcase

  10. Participants are required to follow the tips for submitting the photograph of their artwork. If artwork is not properly lit and framed in a high-resolution photograph, it will not be considered for entry into the competition and entry fees will not be refunded

  11. The entry fee must be paid before the applicant will be entered into the competition. The entry fee must be paid by a PayPal account or credit card on our website. If you wish to arrange other means, please contact us at

  12. Submissions or any engagement with the competition must not contain any vulgar, obscene or demeaning works or messages.

  13. Artwork that does not meet the above submission requirements will be screened out by the organization.

  14. All communication to participants will be by way of email. Please check your junk mail. 

  15. If applicants wish to remove their artwork from the competition, they can contact the organization for removal at Please note that the submission fee is non-refundable.

  16. The organizer has the right to cancel any applications and entries that do not comply with the terms and conditions laid out here and without any liabilities at our sole discretion

  17. We look forward to seeing the amazing submissions!



The applicant(s) should be the sole creator of every content. NextGen is not responsible for any distortion of an individual, group or organization if the content is not totally original, and every single contributing artist is not named in full.

Applications cannot contain any encroaching, undermining, bogus, misdirecting, oppressive, slanderous, explicit, foul, shameful, provocative, or profane substance.

Submissions can not contain any material that could establish, support or lead to a criminal offence, leading to common obligation, or in any case against another law in Canada or the country of art origin.

Content does not violate copyrights (and related rights), trademarks, design rights, or some other licensed innovation privileges of any third party individual, artists, or abuse any individual’s rights of privacy.

Artwork and submissions must avoid trademarks claimed by third parties.

Copyright materials possessed by third party’s names, similarities, voices or different attributes must be avoided.

Any material for which the participant has not bought the rights to utilize, for example, stock pictures, cannot be used in the competition.

Content and material which contains any business content that promotes any item must be avoided.

Material that has been copied from a current work of art and therefore can be seen as violating the licensed innovation and privileges of the maker of that artwork without the consent of that art, cannot be used.

On occasion, if any of these points are violated, the organizer indisputably has the option to expel the artwork. If there is an explanation behind including material of this sort, it is the applicant’s responsibility to inform the organizer prior to submission.

The applicant shall fully indemnify and keep indemnified and hold the organizer harmless against all and any claims, demands, loss, damages, liability and costs (including reasonable legal expenses) that the organizer suffers or incurs as a result of, or in connection with, any breach by the entrant of the warranties in clauses mentioned above. In such circumstances, the works subject to any claim or demand will be suspended from the competition pending a final decision of such a claim.

The organizer reserves the privilege, and with no obligation to the participant, to evacuate any art that it considers violating these terms or are in a disagreement or any case refuse to fulfill any appropriate laws where the organizer considers, in its sole tact, that the contestant may have occupied with any inappropriate lead which may influence the notoriety and remaining of the organizer or where the organizer has some other concerns either about the participant or the participant’s work.

By entering the contest, the participant concurs and recognizes that the organizer is allowed to get the contestant’s individual information. All data will be utilized by the organizer as per its privacy policy.

By entering the contest, the participant warrants that his/her entry agrees to these terms and conditions, that the contestant has perused and comprehended the privacy policy.

By participating in the competition, participants consent to the use of individual data for the organization of the competition.


Without prejudice, the organizer recognizes that the copyright of all artwork remains the artist’s; however, it is a necessary condition of entry, and by so entering, the artist hereby agrees to grant all necessary rights licenses, approvals and authorizations to the organizer, which includes:

-Materials and work in any footage recorded or captured during the competition/exhibitions, `including the right to use such images for the promotion of the competition, exhibiting the work publicly, referring to the work on digital platforms in the control of the organizer, its affiliates or subsidiaries or parents, and for the avoidance of doubt, the artist hereby grants the organizer with a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to use and publish such footage or materials obtained or others materials in electronic format for purposes connected solely with the competition. Where further consent is necessary from the artist, it shall not be unreasonably withheld. In all cases, complete credit will be given to the artist.

– Sponsors of NextGen Artists Awards reserves the privilege to utilize the winner’s and finalist’s works in this contest and every artist’s data in all advertising in regards to the contest or future promotions. In all cases, this content will be credited.


The organizer will accept no liability in regards to the applicants' participation or inability to participate in the contest, including without limitation any use made by the winners of the awards, to the maximum extent permitted by law.

If the contest cannot be executed at all or as arranged and the disappointment or postponement is brought about by conditions that are not in the organizer’s control, including extreme climate, pandemic, and other such conditions, the organizer will not acquire any risk, and no prize of any sort for such contest will be granted.

Organizers' assurance and choice on all issues will be conclusive, and no correspondence will be considered. Any question or circumstance not secured by these terms and conditions will be settled by the organizer

administration in a way it considers to be the most appropriate and fair to all concerned parties, and the decision will be binding on all applicants.


  1. Artists will be Longlisted and notified by email.

  2. Participants who are selected for the longlist will then be shortlisted.

  3. Award winners will be notified personally, acknowledged on our website, recognized on all our social media platforms, and an email announcement will be sent to our industry network.

  4. The winners may be expected to mail their artwork to the organizer to circulate it for gallery showcases, magazine features, media coverage etc.



All questions and comments should be directed in writing to The NextGen Artists Awards.

The judicial panel’s decision is final, private and not subject to any queries or public investigations. The Organizers will not enter into any correspondence regarding the jury panel decisions.

No employees of The NextGen Artist Awards will be chosen as winners of the prizes in the competition.

Any questions that arise about the selection process will be resolved by the organizer, keeping the current norms of consumer protection. There will be no resource of any type behind the organizer’s decisions.

By filling in the online entry form, the participants agree with the organizer’s terms and conditions, as well as with the use of their personal information for names, images, voices and photos for publicizing the selection’s result, besides their use in advertising, exhibitions, without any additional liability for the organizer, or third parties indicated by it, during the legal period of copyright protection.


The organizer implies no responsibility for any error, omission, corruption, delay, in operation or transmission, communications line failure, theft or destruction or illegal access to or alteration of the contest. If for any reason a contest cannot be viewed or is not able to run as planned, including technical failures, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention or fraud, the organizer assumes no responsibility.

In no event will the organizer, its associates and related companies, its advertising or promotion agencies, or its officers, directors, employees, shareholders, representatives or agents be accountable for any damages or losses of any kind, including direct, indirect, accidental, consequential, special or punitive damages arising out of any applicant’s access to and use of the website (


This contest and the Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the provincial law of Ontario, and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Ontario court concerning any disputes arising between them under or concerning the competition and these Terms and Conditions.

If any part of these promotional terms is found to be unenforceable as a matter of law, all other parts of these promotional terms shall be unaffected and shall remain in force.

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