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Is competition good for children?

In every playground around the world, children make up games. Games that often end with a winner. Competitive spirit is alive in well in every child and adds fun to any game. Even as adults we can appreciate competition for more than just winning. We value it as an opportunity to succeed. A stepping stone to our next personal dimension.

Art competitions for kids or any visual art contest for children, is no different. It sparks something in a child to be involved in a competitive space that provokes their personal loves and talents.

Youth entering global competitions for art, music etc. tend to become more engaged in their craft. Therefore leading to a career path that emphasizes their passions in visual arts and other crafts.

In short, yes, competition is not only good for children, but it is also healthy and fun. So whether you are Canadian, American, or an International youth who is interested in competing by showcasing your art, don't second guess your gut feeling.

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